Security Council resolution on the background of the chemical massacre of Ghouta 21/8/2013 condemns the use of chemical weapons without naming the official, and welcomes the framework for the removal of Syrian chemical weapons on September 14, 2013, which was reached in Geneva between the Russian Federation and the United States ofAmerica (565 /2013/S)


“Security Council Resolution Refers to the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Protocol and confirms previous resolutions 1540 (2004) and previous Security Council Resolution 2118 (2013) regarding Syria’s chemical weapons. In addition to the observations on the use of chlorine gas in Syria in 2015, chlorine gas is a prohibited chemical weapon for use The war is covered by Resolution 2118


“A Security Council resolution confirming previous Security Council resolutions regarding the chemical weapons file in Syria. Recognizing that the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission is not mandated to reach conclusions regarding the identification of responsibility in relation to the use of chemical weapons gives the green light to establish a joint investigative mechanism to identify individuals and entities The groups and governments responsible for the use of chemical weapons