Syrian Jasmine of Truth

In their struggle against the use of chemical weapons, Syrian women seek to achieve several goals, including: Making the yellow flower a symbol of the chemical massacres.


Raising the world’s awareness and knowledge of all the details of the chemical massacres committed by the Syrian regime.

Mobilizing the energies and efforts of Syrians and those in solidarity, to pressure towards identifying the perpetrators and holding them accountable in order to achieve justice for the victims and survivors of chemical massacres. 


Confronting the propaganda led by the Syrian regime and its ally Russia, which aims to deny the occurrence of chemical massacres, obfuscate their details, and seek to exonerate the regime, collecting evidence and testimonies of survivors so that justice triumphs and the truth is not stifled. Reaching international recognition of the chemical massacres perpetrated in Syria and criminalizing their denial.

Documenting testimonies, preserving the truth, and ensuring actual protection for witnesses and their families.