Ten things to support the truth

  1. Organize an event to hand out“the Syrian Truth Jasmine”in public spaces in your area on August 21 of each year, in commemoration of the victims of the regime’s chemical weapons massacre in Eastern Ghouta, in order to raise awareness and improve the public’s knowledge of all details of the chemical massacres committed by the Syrian regime against civilians.
  2. Follow the campaign’swebsiteto show solidarity with the victims who survived the massacre, and support them in seeking justice. Follow our platforms onFacebookInstagramandTwitter. Spread the hashtag #donotsuffocatetruth on social media and ask your friends to share it, in order to help our voices reach the public.
  3. Organize to facilitate an interactive session at your university to counter the denial of chemical weapon crimes in Syria, in order to confront the propaganda led by the Syrian regime and its ally, Russia.
  4. Volunteer with us. Let us all stand up to the regime’s lies and Russian propaganda, using the capabilities and skills we have.
  5. Produced an artwork about the chemical weapon massacres in Syria based onstories of survivors, and witnesses, to show the survivors and families of victims that Syrians still carry this painful and bitter
  6. Write, draw, make music, or draw graffiti on a wall to honor thememory of the victims and survivors.
  7. Participate in organizing an art exhibition for thepieces producedon the chemical massacres in Syria. Art is one of the most important ways to resist forgetting, and keep the truth alive in the conscience of Syrians and people around the world.
  8. Educate yourself about the cause, and about the right of victims’ to justice and recognition, by participating in theawareness sessionsprovided by the Don’t Suffocate Truth campaign.
  9. Organize a sit-down for the truth in front of Russian embassies in April, in commemoration of the Douma and Khan Sheikhoun massacres.
  10. Connect with journalists in your area and present them with reports and testimonies of survivors. Be creative, think of other ways to help support the truth, and share it with us on social media.