The Invasion of Eastern #Ghouta

Data : 03/04/2018


Let us pretend that we do believe that the international community couldn't find the tools to pressure #Russia and the Assad regime to stop the invasion of Eastern #Ghouta and break the siege. 

Let us pretend that we do believe that the UN failed to find any solution beside the forced displacement of civilians.

But how can we believe that the international community will not respond to the humanitarian situation in Idlib?

More than 47,000 people were forcibly displaced to Idlib from Eastern Ghouta. These families arrived to find only local organizations and community members trying their best to support them. 

While the generosity of locals is amazing, it's not enough to support 47,000 new people. Families are already facing a lack of resources in an area that continues to be bombed itself.

The international community failed to protect these families in their homes in Ghouta, and is now failing again to respond to this new crisis.

We feel how civilians in Idlib are committed to humanity by offering their support to us. We feel grateful and relieved for the love they are showing us after what we went through in Ghouta.

But we need to put pressure on governments, UN agencies, and INGOs to act immediately to help the IDPs (internally displaced people) in