The Reasons To Be Sad

We have many reasons to be sad today as Syrians who believe in humanity and the right to life.

We are sad because of our human loss in #Douma.

We are sad about what is behind the numbers.

We are sad for not having the time to grieve and learn about the stories of the souls we lost; about their dreams and wishes; their fears; their likes and dislikes. They vanished in one second, suffocating.

We are sad because we are sure that chemical weapons will be used again. Why not, what will stop Syria’s butcher from using it again?

We are sad because, after Syria, other butchers around the world will find it easier to use chemical weapons to exterminate their people.

We, as Syrians, might not be able to change this alone, but together with you we have to fight to stop the massacres in Syria today, and in the world today and tomorrow.

Cartoon by the Syrian-Palestinian artist Hani Abbas